Commissioners look at vendor’s proposed changes to Lake Olmstead Amphitheater

Commissioners look at vendor’s proposed changes to Lake Olmstead Amphitheater

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - From a ballpark to talks of an amphitheater - what’s in the future for Lake Olmstead? Augusta commissioners took a look at three options from Jones Lang LaSalle -or JLL. - the vendor contracted to advise the city on the potential conversion.

The central services department showed prices for a minimum change - which could cost between $0 - $3.5 million, full conversion - that could cost $22 million (full conversion to a fix-seated amphitheater) and substantial change - that could cost $33 to $40 million and would change the overall landscape of the location.

Many commissioners don’t want to see a lot of money pumped into the project and they still have questions for JLL.

“Moving forward I’m not sure if this will even come to fruition. First of all, We’ve got to figure out where we’re going to fund this from. We heard from commission meeting today there’s lots of other pressing issues, not just entertainment wise," said District 8 Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

He also has questions for the consulting group.

“I really want to see how they can come tell us whether this is feasible, whether it’s a good place for it. But I’d also like to hear them tell us what can we do to make this unique, to utilize the river that its close to, as well as make it a draw for the crowded market that we’re in?"

Tuesday commissioners decided 3 to 1 to move forward with using the mid-range cost option as the focus of the firm’s investigation of the stadium. That decision will go before full commission next week.

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