U.S. Representative Joe Wilson starts up his bus tour in Aiken

U.S. Representative Joe Wilson starts up his bus tour in Aiken

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - U.S. Representative Joe Wilson kicked off the first day of his annual bus tour of the second district Monday, Aug. 26 with several stops around Aiken.

Congressman Joe Wilson visits families, businesses and schools regularly here in the second district. This bus tour is just one of the ways he shows he’s accessible and accountable.

Every August, Congressman Wilson gets a first-hand look at the growth and prosperity of the area. He stops in all 5 counties of the second district to visit with constituents, share the work he’s doing in Washington, D.C. and get feedback from community members.

He began the event by visiting local Aiken businesses like Green Energy Biofuel, Family Pharmacy and SRP Park.

“It’s really important to me because I have the staff of our offices from the Midlands, from Washington, from Aiken, Barnwell," said Congressman Wilson. "They come together and go around with me because I want them to see the extraordinary people that I have the opportunity to represent. It’s humbling and inspiring.”

Congressman Wilson is a busy man this week. He still has 15 more stops to make before the weekend.

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