New emergency app approved by Richmond County School Board

New emergency app approved by Richmond County School Board

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - One of the issues teachers face when there’s an emergency in the classroom is getting the word out to first responders. Well now, there’s an app for that.

NaviGate Prepared is a new emergency app approved by the Richmond County Board of Education at their meeting Tuesday. "This app is great, It’s all about giving teachers and the security staff another tool in the toolbox, in case anything ever pops up. This is just one thing we can do to protect our students, and protect our staff” RCSS Spokesperson says.

In the event of an incident, teachers and faculty can report suspicious activity from their phone or computers instantly. That alert gets sent straight to first responders, bypassing the need to go through the school’s office and 911 operators. “It’s going to notify all of us in public safety, it’s also going to be synced in with the sheriff’s department in their laptops, cars and 911” Lt. Jeff Tilley of Emergency Preparedness explains.

“The more information that they have and the faster they can get it, the better they can respond and do their job” Jacobs adds.

Lt. Jeff Tilley says once responding officers get a notification alert, they’ll know exactly what location to go to. “Instead of going to the front of the building they can go to the back if it’s in the back If the teacher is on the playground versus inside of the building it will give an update on their location every thirty seconds on their phone that they moved.”

School officials say there are still functions that need to be built in the app that could take two or three more months, but their goal is to make it available as soon as possible.

“When it comes to safety stuff, as soon as we know it works there’s no need to delay it we’ll go ahead and implement it and get it rolling out” Jacobs says.

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