Riverside Village Park and Amphitheater is underway in North Augusta

Riverside Village Park and Amphitheater is underway in North Augusta
A sycamore tree that's been overlooking the Savannah River for years will become the centerpiece for this new amphitheater and park. (Source: Mary Klingler)

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. (WFXG) - A new park and amphitheater are in the works for North Augusta after the city approved funding for Riverside Village Park on Monday. The North Augusta City Council voted to move forward with the nearly $2 million project on Monday. Construction for Riverside Village Park and Amphitheater will begin soon.

North Augusta’s Mayor Bob Pettit says it will complete the area, “It’s more than just a step, it’s like a keystone.” He says he’s certain the amphitheater will bring even more business to the area. While people are out enjoying the park, they’ll be within feet of a variety of restaurants and bars, a hotel and of course, SRP Park.

“It’s just another part of the growth of North Augusta that we’re experiencing. It is a truly live, work and play environment. People go down there and just enjoy the ambiance of the area and this is even going to make it that much better." “I think Riverside Village is going to become even more of a destination than it is now and that’s exactly what it was intended to be.”

The amphitheater will be able to seat 600 people. It’ll be a place for events, recreation and also a place to enjoy preserved nature along the river.

Mayor Pettit says a giant sycamore tree sits on the lot that they wish to preserve. It will become the centerpiece of this new amphitheater. ”We want to preserve a certain atmosphere and I think that sycamore tree is going to continue to preserve what we’re looking at."

He says the this is just the foundation for the park. He expects more developments to come. One possibility the city is looking into- a floating dock down on the river.

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