Soldier surprises 4-year-old son at school

Soldier surprises 4-year-old son at school

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Applause filled the Belair K-8 School library on Friday, Aug. 16, as 4-year-old Jadarian wrapped his arms around his father’s neck for the first time in a year.

United States Army Staff Sergeant Jeremiah McKinney spent the past year in Qatar, only seeing and speaking to his son on Facetime. He said, "Everything I do is for him and just being away for a year has really had a toll on me. All of the emotions coming out at once, finally having him in my arms now, as opposed to Facetiming him.”

Jadarian had no idea his dad was coming home. As he and his classmates sat in the library for story time, he saw the familiar face come in. McKinney said, “Coming today and surprising him is just, it’s unexplainable, the feelings and emotions I have right now."

Staff Sergeant McKinney has served with the US Army for 8 years. He said there is a fun-filled weekend ahead for the duo, as they always have fun when they’re together.

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