Committee holds meeting to discuss future plans for Lake Olmstead

Committee holds meeting to discuss future plans for Lake Olmstead

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Augusta City officials gathered together in a committee meeting today to discuss their future plans to convert the old Lake Olmstead Stadium to an amphitheater.

The stadium will be used for future events such as concerts and festivals and the committee met with consultants who say it will require additional investment to attract local or longer-distance markets. They say for it to be a success it must provide a unique experience.

Commissioner Bobby Williams of District 5 says, “We don’t want to just do anything, we of course want to do something that is going to WOW the city of Augusta and make sure it gives us the capacity to be able to bring in the different acts.”

Commissioner Williams goes on to say, “We’re looking to expand that with a big stage and maybe bring in some seating at the old baseball stadium. We may have some open seating, which means we won’t have this fixed seating.”

The committee will be taking a trip to Greenville, South Carolina to get an idea of what other stadiums have to offer.

“Original is best, however, sometimes you can get a framework from looking at other things and sometimes it’s not best to recreate the will. Sometimes if you have a blue print go with it Make sure we have some things that will make sure people understand that this is Augusta, Georgia and not Heritage in Greenville.”

Commissioner Williams says they want to make sure they are making Augusta better and they plans to hold future meeting to continue to discuss the future repairs and upgrades of the stadium.

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