UPDATE: Glenn Hills Middle School student facing battery charge after video shows him punching female classmate

Glenn Hills Middle School student facing battery charge after video of him punching female classmate

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - A 12-year-old Glenn Hills middle school student is recovering after she was punched nine times by a male classmate. The girl’s 7th grade principal called her aunt to deliver the news Wednesday.

“She said ‘she’s been in a small altercation with a boy but it wasn’t her fault’,” said Iishia Dixon.

Dixon said her niece’s face was swollen and her clothes and shoes were covered in blood when she got to the school.

“She said, ‘she got hit in the mouth. Her lip was busted a little bit and it was bleeding a little, however, she’s seen the school nurse and she’s fine.'," recalled Dixon from the conversation with the administrator.

Then she saw the video.

Dixon said through tears, “It’s no justification for that. And in the video you can clearly see that she’s trying to get away from him. She’s not engaging in anything with him.”

You can hear the teacher in the background of the video.

“We spoke with the teacher and what she indicated was she was trying to get other students out of the classroom to try and diffuse the situation. She didn’t want things to get spun up because there were other kids there. She had sent for some assistance to have either the SRO or the administrator come down to try to diffuse the situation so, she really did make an effort to protect the kids,” said Richmond County School System Communications Director Kaden Jacobs.

FOX 54 asked if teachers are allowed to intervene.

“It’s a dicey situation. They are in a tough spot. They’re not not allowed to intervene .. but sometimes based on the individual students and their history and other factors, it may not be a safe environment for the teacher to put themselves in,” Jacobs said.

Dixon said the altercation changed her shy, quiet, creative niece. Thursday, the 7th grader and her young siblings - still shaken - stayed home from school.

The school system spokesperson said staff goes over the Code of Conduct with students, talk to them about respective behavior, utilize Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) that focuses on building relationships with students to help with conduct. He said the school expects parents to speak up and contact the school with concerns.

“It’s always surprising to me that things escalate like this but it’s a teachable moment. It’s one of those times where we, as parents, need to sit down with our children and talk to them about how to handle emotional outbursts, how to handle adversity and things like that so we won’t have issues like this in the schools,” Jacobs said.

Right now the student faces battery and disturbing a public school charges and he’s suspended for 10 days pending an internal meeting.


The Richmond County Board of Education campus police are currently investigating a fight that occurred on Wednesday, Aug 14 at Glenn Hills Middle School.

Richmond County School Officials have officially filed charges against the minor male seen in video physically assaulted a female classmate. As of now, the minor has been charged with battery and disturbing a public school.

Early on Thursday, Director of Communications, Kaden Jacobs issued an initial statement saying:

Yesterday at Glenn Hills Middle School, a male student physically assaulted a female student as they prepared for a class change. Administration initially suspended the male student 2 days, however, upon further investigation, he has been suspended 10 days pending tribunal. The RCBOE Police are completing their investigation and charges are pending against the male student. The classroom teacher indicated she was attempting to remove other students from the classroom and was seeking assistance when the incident occurred.

This type of behavior is unacceptable and has no place in the Richmond County School System. The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance and incidents like these will not be tolerated.

FOX 54 will have more on this story tonight at 10pm.

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