Tabernacle Baptist Church gets historic marker

Tabernacle Baptist Church gets historic marker

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - From a hospital to holy ground, Tabernacle Baptist Church has been a pillar in the community for more than a century.

On Tuesday, the Georgia Historical Society unveiled a plaque signifying the church’s historical significance, 1 of about 250 historical markers the group has erected across the state. The plaque says the church was the epicenter for the civil rights movement here in Augusta, that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther king preached there in the 60s, and it even attracted the support of people like President Taft.

Dozens of people gathered to hear the church's history and witness the historic moment.

Tabernacle Baptist Church’s Rev. Dr. Charles Goodman spoke at the plaque’s dedication. “Grateful that the Lucy Laney Museum and the Georgia Historical society saw fit to add us to the list of those who are set apart as being something significant within, not just the history of Georgia but the history of this nation. So, it’s a wonderful time for us. And it’s also part of our anniversary celebration, so it’s a great time for us to just rejoice and celebrate what God has already done.”

Several elected officials attended and Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr. gave a mayoral proclamation.

This month is the church’s 134th anniversary.

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