Augusta Commission reconsidering who’s in charge of recreation facilities

Augusta Commission reconsidering who’s in charge of recreation facilities
Richmond County Commission discusses MOUs with recreation facilities (Source: Jasmine Anderson)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta Commission is reconsidering the relationships between the city’s recreation facilities and outside agencies. One commissioner says it’s a conversation that started well before the FBI, GBI and DFACS began probes into Commissioner Sammie Sias.

Sias’ former mistress and employee accused him of stealing money and abusing children at Jamestown Community Center. Right now, commissioners say there’s a lack of accountability across the board. They’ve discussed putting control of the centers in the hands of the city’s rec department.

Right now, three organizations run rec center facilities under a memorandum of understanding, or MOU agreement with the city.

District 3 Commissioner Mary Davis says, “You know it’s definitely time for us to look at these MOUs and try to make some more checks and balances and some better inspection practices. So, it looks like they haven’t been reviewed in a while and it’s time for us to update these.”

John Clarke District 10 Commissioner agrees. “And the MOUs and the organizations come back and they want more money, more money, more money and there’s no accountability. You know, We have to look into that and we have to stop it.”

Commissioners will look over the information from the Recreation and Parks Department and discuss again next week.

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