Riverside Village parking meters now working in North Augusta

Riverside Village parking meters now working in North Augusta


If you’ve been to Riverside Village lately you’ve probably noticed parking meters that were installed in late June, but were not turned on. FOX 54 spoke with North Augusta city administrators about what people can expect now that the meters are on and ready for use.

Even though the meters are on it is not mandatory for folks to use. The city is requesting voluntarily compliance at this time which will allow people to get use to paying for on street parking and get familiar with where the meters are located. There is a two hour limit for street parking and it will cost drivers $1.00 per hour. Payment is accepted currently at the meters only using a credit card, debit card, or coins. Coming up in the next few weeks, city administrators say there will be a parking app available which will make it a lot easier to pay by space without drivers leaving the comfort of their vehicle.

“Paid on street parking helps to increase the number of people who are able to park and particularly when we put the time limits. The street parking is a premium of course and we want those spots to turn over quicker that way our current stores and our future stores are able to get people in quicker,” explained Rachelle Moody who is the Assistant City Administrator in North Augusta.

The city has not decided when payments will be made mandatory. Moody told FOX 54 signage needs to go up that shows the public when they are in a paid parking area as well as signage to alert drivers where the meters are located.

Moody said the city has not received much feedback from people about the meters. FOX 54 will keep you updated on this story as more decisions are made and when the city will make the meter use mandatory.

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