Report: Woman injured in downtown fight could lose sight in one eye

Report: Woman injured in downtown fight could lose sight in one eye

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The victim of a brawl that happened downtown could lose sight in her left eye, deputies say in an incident report.

I need Gold Cross to respond to the rear side of ‘the scene’ in reference to a female with lacerations to her face.
911 audio

It happened across the street from The Scene nightclub Saturday, August 3rd. People who work there say it happened about 30 minutes after the business closed for the night.

Across the street, IBEW office manager Julie Sammons said people from the district attorney’s office and Richmond County Sheriff’s Office collected her company’s surveillance video as evidence. “And it was a crowd of people out here and there was a big truck right here in this area and there was something going on behind the truck. Looks like several girls fighting."

An incident report filed by a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputy said two women, a man, and 24-year-old Brittany Stevens were involved in a physical altercation. Witnesses said it happened after some sort of argument inside the club. They told deputies Stevens was punched and kicked after being dragged over a handrail. She was hospitalized with a broken orbital socket. She told deputies she doesn’t know who she got in the fight with that night. She accuses them of attacking her.

The other two 21-year-old women investigators believe were involved in the fight have a different story. Each of them told deputies Stevens approached them, according to the incident report. Their account of the events is supported by a third party who said he witnessed the attack.

“We actually got some footage of someone recording the whole thing,” Sammons said.

Deputies are still figuring out what exactly happened.

“One of the investigators said he knew a couple of the people he’s gonna contact them and find out what they knew,” Sammons explained.

No one has been charged. According to the arrest report, whoever is arrested will face aggravated and simple battery charges.

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