Ryder Stamey’s grandmother to speak at Stop the Violence rally

Ryder Stamey’s grandmother to speak at Stop the Violence rally

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Eugene Ryder Stamey was just 6-years-old when a gunshot ended his life. He should be starting the 2nd grade this year.

“He’s not here, is he? He can’t do that. He didn’t get to go get his photo made for the first day of school this year. Last year was the last year he got a school photo,” said Laura Stamey.

His school photo is on his headstone.

A Richmond County jury found the man accused of pulling the trigger “not guilty” last week.

“In 32 years, I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in a more gut-wrenching, heartfelt case than this one. This is a case where there are no winners,” said Danny Durham, Defense Attorney last Thursday after the trial of his client, Benjamin Goodson.

Gun violence devastates many families in our nation. The Centers for Disease Control reports nearly 40-thousand Americans lost their lives in shootings in 2017. “There should be some type of law made that if you commit any type of crime against a child. I don’t feel like it’s something they should be allowed to walk away from," Stamey said.

Ryder’s grandma is speaking at a ‘Stop the violence’ rally in two weeks at Dyess Park - which is in walking distance from the courtroom she was sitting in when she heard the ‘not guilty’ verdict.

“I feel like Ryder did not get justice. We’re the ones serving a life sentence. So anyone that’s feeling that way, who has not been able to voice their opinion, come out, tell your story. Tell what happened to your loved one. a day of remembrance."

Stamey is raising money for a billboard that will display her grandson face and a message about his death.

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