Burke County school bus cameras can issue automatic citations to lawbreakers

Prepare for back-to-school traffic

Burke County school bus cameras can issue automatic citations to lawbreakers

BURKE COUNTY, GA. (WFXG) - With school starting this week, many drivers in the area are now having to focus on school bus safety. Burke County has a system in place to protect students and hold drivers accountable.

It’s pretty simple, when that red stop sign pops out on a Burke County school bus and the wheels stop rolling, cameras start.

When a school bus prepares to pick up or drop off, it activates safety signals. Many of us are familiar with the flashing yellow lights, safety arm and stop sign, but with school starting back in Burke County, keep in mind there’s another set of eyes watching you and sometimes, issuing citations.

Burke County’s Lt. Randall Norman says, “Overall, what were doing is we’re looking for voluntary compliance. It’s not to go out and catch anybody. It’s not to go out and take money from anybody’s pockets."

"We want you to put your phones down. We want you to pay attention to the roadways. We want you to leave early and understand that school is back in session and so the school buses are on the roadways.”

There’s no way around these cameras. Seven cameras assure coverage from every angle and start rolling when bus drivers activate their safety stop signals. If a car passes while the stop signs out, cameras snap a shot of their license plate and sent for review.

In addition to 7 cams on the outside, there are also various security cameras on the inside to protect your children.

These security measures will help minimize any challenges if a crime is committed on or around the school bus and make sure your student is safe this school year.

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