Columbia County school bus safety campaign urges people to focus while driving

Columbia County school bus safety campaign urges people to focus while driving

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Five-year-old Mawsool Abiose has a fresh hair cut and school supplies because he starts school next week. It’s a fresh start for him and more than 28,000 other Columbia county students.

“Definitely these are our future. We want to keep them safe. We want to set an example for them to be safe,” said his father, Kareem Abiose.

It's important for this dad to keep a safe environment.

“Driving safely, avoiding texting, paying attention to the road, the speeding rules and stop signs, it goes a long way. It keeps our children safe, it keeps our drivers safe," Abiose explained.

Monday, multiple agencies joined forces for AAA’s “School’s Open, Drive Carefully” campaign. Driving home their message that when you eliminate distractions and slow down on the roads, you are doing your part to make sure kids get to school safely.

One of the speakers, Officer Matt Kelly, is one of 11 school bus safety officers in the state of Georgia.

“I do it for the kids. I inspect every school bus as if my kids were going to be on at the end of every day,” Officer Kelly said.

He said the biggest danger on the road is distracted driving - people on their cell phones. It’s an issue that has deadly consequences. Pedestrians can decrease the chances of getting hit by wearing bright colors and walking in groups

Organizers say drivers should slow down, leave early for work and avoid illegally passing school buses - or they can get tickets or even face arrest.

As an extra safety measure , bus drivers in Columbia County are actually doing practice routes this week so they can get familiar with the roads they’re taking your children on and to make sure those roads are safe.

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