Commissioner Sammy Sias admits to long-time affair

Commissioner Sammy Sias admits to long-time affair

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - “First and foremost, I must apologize to my wife, my family and my supporters for their exposure to this situation. I participated in an extended, consensual affair with Ms. Hilton for 2 decades.”

Augusta-Richmond County Commissioner Sammie Sias Friday, admitted to having an affair with a woman for 20 years. She worked for him. Now, she’s making shocking accusations, saying he stole taxpayer dollars and abused children at summer camps for years.

Commissioner Sias admits to the affair, but says he welcomes an investigation into the claims against him. He held a news conference at the Municipal Building, denying the accusations from his mistress of 20 years.

Many are calling for an investigation after a terminated employee wrote scathing allegations about Commissioner Sammie Sias. That woman, Willa Hilton, entangled with Sias for decades as a neighbor, an employee and lover.

“I participated in an extended consensual affair with Ms. Hilton for two decades,” said Sias.

Friday, with his attorney by his side, the commissioner addressed Hilton’s claims. She says he embezzled thousands of SPLOST dollars from the neighborhood association affiliated with Jamestown Community Center; a place he oversees and says serves more than 100,000 people every year.

The 12-year employee also says he mistreated kids in the summer camp program and kept a gun, alcohol and pornography at the center.

“In our camper program, I have never abused a child and I never will. I have never abused an adult.”

Commissioner Bill Fennoy says these are just allegations until proven. “Anytime there’s issues of child abuse there should be an investigation. Anytime there’s mismanagement of funds, there should be an investigation.”

Faye McNair, who lives in Harrisburg, says she’s followed these allegations closely. “Well, I was a little surprised to tell you the truth. But I feel like a person is innocent until proven guilty and we should check more into this situation.”

"Commissioners tell me they plan to discuss all the allegations against Commissioner Sias in a closed meeting on Tuesday.

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