Camp Ivey campers say bon voyage

Camp Ivey campers say bon voyage
Camp Ivey camper

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Camp Ivey campers set sail Friday as a way of saying bon voyage to their time there.

Camp Ivey, a now fully-overnight, week-long summer camp for kids with developmental delays and disabilities, creates a typical camp experience for kids who might not have otherwise gotten one.

Promoting independence in life-skills, relationships, physical activity and leisure, communication and self-confidence through recreation and arts, Camp Ivey is the only camp of its kind in the CSRA.

Camp director Hannah Stern says, “Whatever you picture camp is in your mind, we do it and adapt it to our kids needs.”

Parents can feel comfortable leaving their children because each camper has their own counselor at all times. Counselors provide full time care and assistance and make sure their campers get to participate in what ever activities they would like.

Nicole Allen‘s talks about one camper, Josie. “I’ve seen her grow in different ways. I’ve seen her make new friends. That’s a really important moment and seeing her able to do things on her own and sometimes I’m like, ‘Josie do you need me?’ and she goes, ‘nope, I’m good’ and that’s when I know, it’s like, that’s my girl.”

Camp Ivey may only last a week, but these kids take home memories that will last a lifetime.

The YMCA makes Camp Ivey possible and is held at Camp Lakeside every summer. The camp is for children ages 7-18.

To find out more about Camp Ivey, visit their website.

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