Augusta Commission discusses grant for $93 million depot project

Augusta Commission discusses grant for $100 million depot project

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Commissioners are still in talks about the nearly $100 million depot project expected to attract tourists. Plans were revealed nearly a year ago.

Commissioner Ben Hasan says he and his colleagues discussed a $14 million grant for the project but it hasn’t been allocated yet. He says commissioners need to vet information from Bloc Global like site plans, and the parking agreement with Unisys. “This misconception is out there as though we’ve already approved $14 million dollars and we have not. We’ve talked about it. That’s what the allocation would be if they meet all the standards that we think are important for the government. There’s a due diligence period for them. It seems to be they’ve asked for a 60 day extension, which some of us are not comfortable with.”

Commissioner Hasan says the depot project is located where the city promised Unisys 500 parking spaces in exchange for the company bringing jobs to the city. He says the city needs to find parking for Unisys and make a decision on whether or not to allocate that $14 million grant to the depot project.

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