UPDATE: Man arrested for murder of 2 people at Glenwood Apartments

UPDATE: Man arrested for murder of 2 people at Glenwood Apartments

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) A 29-year-old Richmond County man is accused of shooting and killing two people at a local apartment complex. Augusta University staff say both men were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Some residents, who did not want to talk on camera, say they saw the aftermath of Wednsday night’s shooting at Glenwood Apartments. They say one body was lying in the parking lot and the other under a nearby stairwell."

“I just heard 3 shots. I was in the house. I didn’t hear anything else,” says Margaret Nelson, a resident of the apartments.

Two men lost their lives here at this apartment complex Wednesday night: 20-year-old Jahlil Brickhouse and 18-year-old Malik Harvey.

"Usually when something happens like that in this neighborhood, it be them people from somewhere else. I don't think neither one of them guys lived here.."

Deputies with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office arrested 29-year-old Ryan Taylor for the double homicide. Investigators combed an apartment in the F building Thursday; wearing latex gloves, carrying brown paper bags of possible clues to this crime.

Residents say the apartment complex will add more eyes. “They’re going to put cameras up. They wish they had some already, they’re going to put some more cameras up. And the police officers, they ride through here regularly.” Nelson hopes that will make people think twice before committing crimes here.

This investigation is ongoing. Both bodies will be autopsied at the GBI crime lab.

Nelson is expected to go before a judge, who will determine whether or not he gets bail, within the next few days. FOX 54 is following this story for you and we’ll update you as authorities release more information.

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