H54K: Two Richmond County School System grads snag two prestigious internships

H54K: Local Students interns

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - The Students 2 Work program is a local paid student internship program, it’s a partnership between the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Richmond County School System.

This week's "High 5 4 Kids" honorees were not only selected for that program, but also for Bank of America's national Student Leaders program.

Zarriea Crawford and Montrell Daughtry are spending their summer before college, as paid interns at the Golden Harvest Food Bank. They were selected for the program after a busy four years in high school.

"I was on the tennis team," Daughtry said, a Lucy C Laney High School graduate. "I played golf, soccer. I was on the marching band. I was in JROTC. I was in academic decathlon. I was vice president of student council, and I worked two jobs as the school semester was going on."

"I participated in the Ted Ed club, poetry club, and student council," Crawford said, a graduate of Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School . "I had about 450 volunteer hours. My junior year I graduated from Augusta Tech with my certification in payroll accounting, computerized accounting, administrative assisting and Microsoft Office specialist. In my senior year, about two weeks before I graduated high school, I graduated with my associates degree in business technology, and my associates degree in accounting.

"I got a full ride scholarship, and I actually had about $1.2 million in total scholarships."

The Students 2 Work program and Bank of America's national Student Leaders program culminate into a week worth of professional development training for them, an all-expense paid leadership summit in our nation's capitol and their internship. They said it all gives them perspective on their career paths.

"We’ve been with different marketing teams, development, volunteering, financial teams, with HR too, with payroll and seeing how that works," Daughtry said.

"I’ve done it for two years," Crawford said of the Students 2 Work program. "I have two internships under my belt, and then the job that I had at Tax Slayer during the school year was actually because of the connection I made during my students to work program."

They said the program has also given them perspective on life.

"Honestly it’s very humbling to see people that actually have needs, and that are so grateful for everything that we’re doing for them," Daughtry said.

“The biggest thing I took away from this is that you as one person cannot solve all the world’s problems, but you can pick a cause, and focus on that cause and put in the time, and the work, and the effort, and you can make change,” Crawford said.

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