Commissioner Sammie Sias accused of embezzling money, sexual misconduct

Commissioner Sammie Sias accused of embezzling money, sexual misconduct

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A Richmond County commissioner is at the center of controversial allegations.

A longtime city employee that Commissioner Sammie Sias recently terminated claims he embezzled thousands of dollars from taxpayers, was cruel to children at his summer camp program and more.

Willa Hilton manged the Jamestown Community center for 12 years until Monday. In a letter she sent to city leaders, she claims she was terminated after reporting Sias to the Department of Family and Children Services last week.

Hilton said, “Sias really crossed the line with me last summer. He called me over to the center after summer camp. He [got] a blow up bed with new grey paisley sheets setup in the conference room. I told him he was crazy!...He wanted to come to my house and his wife is next door.”

Former County Commissioner Moses Todd is calling for an investigation into these claims.

“That’s an issue I’ve been concerned about for several years. The memorandum of understanding between the Sandridge Community Association and the city of Augusta for the operation of Jamestown Community Center. And if these charges or alleged charges are true then the commissioner should resign,” said Todd.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple requests from the media asking if our agency has any response in regards to the purported statements made by Ms. Hilton concerning Commissioner Sias. The Sheriff’s Office has received no formal complaint or any supporting evidence of a crime to support a criminal investigation at this time.”

Commissioner Sias exclusively told FOX 54 in a statement, “I’m looking forward to addressing these false allegations and moving forward. I have no intentions of allowing this to derail my service to the community.”

You can read the city’s termination letter and the woman’s response here.

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