Debate over location for new North Augusta fire station

Debate over location for new North Augusta fire station

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - The discussion over where the public safety headquarters and fire station will go continues in North Augusta.

Monday night, the city council held a work session to talk through a new site for the building. Previously, council members worked for the Flythe property on Georgia Ave. but that was recently tabled.

Now, they’re looking at the Clay St. Property, next to the SRP Credit Union on Martintown Rd. Ultimately, the council wants the new fire station to be moved from Buena Vista Ave. to a location farther up the hill.

Mayor Bob Pettit says doing so will be best for the safety of the community. “It’s on a major artery and the response time, and the coverage area would be much better than what we have now to a large portion of the city.”

No decision on the property was made tonight, however if the council decides they want to pursue the Clay St. site, it will take months before the council can make a final vote.

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