'Kids and Cops’ camp hopes to build relationships between deputies and youth

'Kids and Cops’ camp hopes to build relationships between deputies and youth


The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office will be holding its 6th annual Kids and Cops summer camp at the Boys and Girls Club. Participants will be able to hang out with cops, play with k9s, jump in bouncy houses, and splash around on water slides. Law enforcement is hoping the camp will help lay a positive foundation for the future for the 140 kids expected to attend the camp. The sheriff’s office goal is to develop a relationship between the deputies and young people.

The sheriff’s office data shows violent crimes are up by 10% in the county with majority being drug and gun related. Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton says a number of these crimes are being committed by teens. He says events like this one helps build relationships with kids at a young age and could help with lowering the youth crime rate in the community.

“We will review deputies body footage and they will have some outstanding interaction with the youth, where they will stop to play basketball, or help them through a traumatic incident. I always emphasis to them and they know it that, they soon forget this when the shift is over, but that child will remember it for the rest of their lives," said Chief Deputy Clayton.

Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton also says these type of positive interactions may change the thinking of those who may be fearful of cops and help them appreciate how law enforcement protects the community.

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