Charlie Norwood VA reaches out to veterans with healthcare options

Charlie Norwood VA reaches out to veterans with healthcare options

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center is reaching out to veterans about their health care options. They want veterans to know that when it comes to finding the health care of they need, they’re here to help.

The VA Medical Center understands how difficult it can be to choose a healthcare provider. The program “Plan For A Better Future” helps veterans choose the best one, for them.

Linda Doyle is a registered nurse with U.S. Veteran Affairs. “We as this team, are trying to coordinate care because we know in healthcare we can provide many many services and sometimes these are not actually what the better and wants.”

“It’s a gift of love for the people that love you. if you make it clear what you want for yourself it makes it easier for your loved ones down the line if something happens and you’re in a crisis situation,” says Dr. Tara Kattine.

U.S. army veteran Karen Ann Amster is a strong believer in the program. “I am the one that gets to plan my say-so if something happens to me.”

The VA Medical Center hopes to offer these events quarterly and are always available in their clinic areas. All veterans and caretakers are welcome to attend these informational meetings to begin their plan for a better future.

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