Vigil for Waynesboro teen brings large crowd

Vigil for Waynesboro teen brings large crowd

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) – A large crowd of community members gathered at the Briarwood Apartments in Waynesboro on Thursday, July 11 to honor the life of a teenager who was killed in the last week.

19-year-old T’Rique McCollough was shot Friday, July 6, and died at Augusta University Medical Center on Monday, July 8. Family members say he was always smiling and positive.

As community members mourn his passing, they choose to come together to support his family, as well as start the conversation for change in their city. Shamoka Bates, McCollough’s aunt, said, “It's tragic that we had to come together for this, but it's kind of comforting to know that his spirit and his presence brought so many people together, so it's a good feeling to know he was that loved." His little cousin, Mariah, added, “They wasn't family or nothing, but they still came out. It was just very nice of them to do that. It means everything to me, and to him."

This was the second shooting in the area in the past few weeks. The showing from the community gives officials optimism for the future of the city. Mayor Greg Carswell, Jr., said, "To have this many people come together and say I'm going to stand together with the family, I'm going to stand against violence, we're going to work on this-- it gives us hope that we're working together to bring an end to this gun violence, and senseless violence altogether."

There is currently a curfew in place in the city that officials hope will keep violence down.

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