Faith transforms Augusta singer into BET Sunday Best finalist

Augusta native stands among final Sunday Best competitors

Faith transforms Augusta singer into BET Sunday Best finalist

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Faith of a mustard seed forced Tiffiny Moore to try out for a spot on BET Sunday Best one more time.

“Now, I had auditioned twice before. I believe once was back in 2012. And then, the last one, I believe was in 13 or 14,” Moore explained.

The 35-year-old mother of three grew up singing in the church, starting at an early age.

“My first actual solo was when I was 2-years-old with my oldest sister. We sung a song ‘Lord let me be a light to shine’. And we stood and we held candles and the candle was just melted on our hands,” Moore said as she laughed.

A memorable moment that lit the way to decades of using her voice in ministry. It’s helped her get through good times and bad.

“We sang our way through everything. I mean, through the storms, we’d sit in the hall and sing. Through our joys, we’d make up songs, I taught them parts. Every since they were really small. Tiffany has had a liking to singing," recalled her mother, Maxine Etheridge.

Tiffiny said she came to a point where she was tired of trying but constant encouragement from loved ones made her want to try again.

More than 50,000 people auditioned, Moore said. She was one of a handful chosen for the show.

Faith transforms Augusta singer into BET Sunday Best finalist

“Regardless of what happens, I’m so happy for the platform because that’s a great platform, you’re singing all around the world. And you never know where it’s going to go from there. I’m believing God it’s just gonna go up. Can’t go down. I’ts just going to go up from there," said Moore.

She’s currently among the top eight contestants of BET Sunday Best Season 9. You’ll have to tune in to see how far she goes. She and others are competing for a national recording deal, a cash prize, a vehicle and the title of ‘Sunday Best’.

The singer is celebrating another accomplishment - the completion of her album. You can listen to her testimony, which includes how her faith led her to becoming a finalist in a national singing competition.


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