EXCLUSIVE: Man man spends 4th of July weekend in jail after being punched by Richmond County deputy

EXCLUSIVE: Man man spends 4th of July weekend in jail after being punched by Richmond County deputy

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - An Aiken man is facing a felony charge he says he doesn’t deserve. This comes after a fight on Broad Street in downtown Augusta over the 4th of July weekend led to deputies using force on him.

A Friday night downtown quickly turned ugly for a group of friends after an argument in the bar continued onto the sidewalk. Maruquiez Garvin was caught right in the middle. “The next thing you know, chaos broke out.”

FOX 54 viewers sent us videos of the incident.

RAW: Cell phone footage of altercation between Marquiez Garvin and Richmond County Deputy

In the video, you can see Garvin approach the deputy. ”I was telling him that there was actually another guy they were trying to get, and they got the wrong guy.”

Garvin is now faces a felony charge of obstructing a law enforcement officer. According to the incident report, Garvin tried to pull the officer’s taser wires off the man on the ground. The report then says the taser malfunctioned when the officer tried to use it on Garvin. Finally, the report says he lunged at the deputy, who then punched him in the face.

“I didn’t do anything toward the cop for him to even swing on me.” Garvin spent two nights in jail. After getting out Monday, he said he went to the hospital to get checked out. “My left fingers are numb when I touch certain parts of my hands. I have bruises on my knees and bruise on my face. To be honest with you, I didn’t even know I was punched.”

FOX 54 reached out to the sheriff’s office multiple times about what we see in the video. They tell us this was an ongoing criminal investigation and they did not want to comment.

As for Garvin, he and his family hope for clarity on the situation. “It just seemed like there was a lot of people getting thrown in jail and just not knowing what was going on, and I feel like if we did something wrong, you’re going to let us know exactly what we did wrong.”

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