’Donut Boy’ says ‘thank you’ to dozens of CSRA law enforcement officers

Tyler Carach, 11, poses with 19 various law enforcement agencies after bringing them 12 dozen donuts to show his appreciation. It’s part of his nationwide campaign to thank every law enforcement officer in America.

’Donut Boy’ says ‘thank you’ to dozens of CSRA law enforcement officers

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Laughter fills Burke County Sheriff’s Office. Eleven-year-old Tyler Carach is the reason why.

“I just like them because they’re my heroes and best friends,” said Tyler ‘Donut Boy’ Carach.

Tyler, affectionately known by some across the nation as ‘Donut Boy’ is in the CSRA on a mission: to personally thank every law enforcement officer for his or her service. He has a personal connection to the area, his dad works at Plant Vogte.

The Northwest Florida native’s nearly three-year quest has taken him to 48 states so far. It started when he met some deputies at a store and bought them donuts with his allowance to show his appreciation.

“Because in his mind he thought, ‘well that’s the normal thing that people do, they always thank the police.’ So, I explained that unfortunately a lot of people judge a whole by a few and because they do that they’re not always very kind to police," recalled his mother, Sheena Carash.

Carach, a former law enforcement officer. said that day changed her son’s life, because he was saddened and wanted to make a change.

Thursday, he treated people from 19 various agencies to dozens of sugary snacks. The ‘Donut Boy’ said it’s the least he can do for people who do so much.

“Law enforcement is a field that isn’t having as many people go into it right now as some other fields, and you’re going to need future law enforcement officers. So we feel like it’s really great when we reach 10-year-olds and others, so that in the future law enforcement will continue to be successful,” explained Burke County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard.

Tyler’s now the youngest Burke County deputy - an honorary tile. Burke County Mayor Greg Carswell proclaimed July 11th ‘Donut Boy Day’. He even got to train for the job he says he wants one day.

“I wanna be a K9 officer. I want to be a police officer and help people and I also want a dog," he said with a smile.

The Donut Boy is headed to Mississippi and Hawaii in the fall and is on track to visit all 50 states by August, the same month he celebrates his third year on this mission. His family estimates he’s delivered about 90,000 donuts across the country.

Tyler’s non-profit organization, I DONUT Need A Reason To Thank A Cop, helps him spread love across the country.

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