Fighting against mini menace

Fighting against mini menace


Mosquito breeding season is in full effect in Georgia and the tiny pests can pose a threat to you and your family because of the diseases they can carry. FOX 54 finds out how homeowners can decrease the chance of these menaces popping up around their home.

Georgia is known for container breeding mosquitoes the ones you see lurking around homes and neighborhoods. Female mosquitoes can lay thousands of eggs from one blood meal, according to Caleb Parker who is an expert with David M. Parker Exterminating. He tells FOX 54 there is only one true way to stop them from populating which is eliminating standing water where mama can lay eggs.

“All my guys we implement tip and toss, if we are seeing standing water we are tipping it over and tossing in larvicide," said Parker

Larvicide can be purchased over the counter. It is a pesticide that kills larva when they eat it. Caleb said it is safe to use around kids, and safe to place in bird baths or dog bowls.

“First thing you want to do is dump the water out," explained Caleb. He also suggest scrubbing the area with water and bleach to make sure all the eggs are out. "Rinse it with fresh water and fill it up and after we do that we are going to apply larvicide.” He recommends repeating this process weekly.

Another way to reduce mosquitoes? Cutting away overgrown plants. According to Caleb, the mosquitoes make the foliage home. The fewer places they have to live, the more your life might be pest free. However, even your best efforts may not be enough if your neighbors have standing water in their yard especially if they have a poorly managed pool. If a pool has a lot of algae chances are it contains a lot of larva.

“Richmond County mosquito control has an excellent program right now. Where they go around and will look for any types of pools that aren’t being used and they will issue a court order if its not taken care of," said Parker.

Your last line of defense is to wear repellent when you are outside in the yard. Caleb recommends nothing over 40% DEET.

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