Woman’s car stolen from gas station with kids in the car

Woman’s car stolen from gas station with kids in the car

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A Richmond County woman is still mentally recovering after her car was stolen from a gas station with her kids inside of it.

It happened at the Circle K on Deans Bridge and Lumpkin Road. Shaena Jones said she took a pit stop at the store on the way home. She said she pulled up to the pump and ran inside for two or three minutes, leaving her step children and the keys in the car. When she came back out, she was shocked. Jones explained, “(I) turned around and came back out the gas station, and my car, the kids - everything was gone.”

Luckily, the two men who stole the car let the kids out down the road. However, Jones says this incident has taken the feeling of security from her. She hopes that hearing this story will keep it from happening to other community members. She said, “We can’t stop people from what they’re going to do, but what we can raise is our awareness of our surroundings, what we’re doing, the actions we take. If you’re getting out of the car, take your kids with you. Take your keys. It might be inconvenient, but those five seconds can stop you from being in a situation like me.”

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office found her vehicle, and she was able to pick it up Monday, July 8.

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