Martinez native has role on Stranger Things season 3

Martinez native has role on Stranger Things season 3

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - Netflix Original series “Stranger Things” is back with season 3 and one actor you’ll see in the show is from the CSRA.

Michael Fortino was born in Martinez and lived in the area for 25 years; then moved to Atlanta to further advance his acting career. When he first got to the big city he landed the audition right away and through the long process and waiting to hopefully hear a call back, he finally got selected.

As a huge fan of the hit show, Fortino says that being on the Stranger Things set was the “coolest thing ever”. “I am very fortunate to have this experience early on because it definitely prepared me for everything that goes on on set It’s not just about my dialogue and my scene, it’s also about camera angles and directors and producers, the fight director it all comes at you at once and because of it I feel very prepared for the next experience”

Fortino appears in 2 scenes of 1 episode and talked about the amount of preparation it took. “The first scene, we got it done pretty fast. I’d say we got it done in ten takes, with all the different angles. The other scene, which was the fight scene, that one took a lot of time because I was the one actually doing the stunt and they had to train me to do the stunt to make sure I was safe.”

As far as upcoming projects, Fortino has 2 big opportunities he will be working on in Augusta and Atlanta. “I will be performing in a locally written show called ‘Bobby is Dead’, we’re going to rehearse in Augusta and taking the show to the Tampa Bay theatre festival which I’m really excited about. And then I have a really cool experience in October in Atlanta and it’s the ‘Edgar Allan Poe Experience’ and I’ll be playing Edgar Allan Poe.”

Fortino encourages young new actors of the CSRA to get involved in many local theatres, which also helped prepared him into the actor he is today. And if you haven’t seen the new season of Stranger Things yet, be sure to check it out and watch Michael in episode 5 of season 3.

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