Local veteran reflects on what Independence Day means to him

Local veteran reflects on what Independence Day means to him

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Ralph Wainright served 24 years in the Army. He wanted to carry on his family’s tradition when he joined at the age of 19.

“My father and brother and uncles also served in the military. World War II, had some relatives in Korea, my brother served in Vietnam, so I thought it was my turn to join the military and serve my country," Wainright said.

The fireworks and food - all part of the party he believes Americans deserve to throw in commemoration of colonists’ break with Britain back in 1776.

"They gained their freedom to do as they wanted to. To make their own rules and not listen to another - under British rule. they came back and created their own government.

He supports President Donald Trump’s new “Salute to America” event that will break tradition with thousands of troops and tanks.

Wainright said it educates the public about the equipment service members use.

“I’ve done that whenever I was on active duty and I actually enjoyed it. Because you get to interact with people and they have a lot of different questions about different things. Here recently we just had a Huey helicopter, we had a reunion here and a lot of people went out and flew on a huey. it brought memories back for a lot of people.”

And seeing these celebrations lets him know his service wasn’t in vain.

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