Georgia Chambers of Commerce held a half-day workshop for small businesses

Georgia Chambers of Commerce held a half-day workshop for small businesses

Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest business organization, stopped by the Georgia Cyber Center Thursday to host a half-day workshop helping small businesses understand how to operate in this new Georgia economy.

“Which is a very dynamic economy with cyber security, Instagram, technology, automation and robotics. We’re really just trying to help small businesses, how you can perform, how you can be successful in a very different business climate.” Chris Clark, President and CEO for Georgia Chamber of Commerce said.

Clark also says owners have to make wise decisions when it comes to investments and hiring the right people. “Obviously it’s the policy environment that we’re in which is the divide in Atlanta and the divide in Washington that makes it difficult for businesses to have the stability to know how to invest. The idea of this war for talent is critical for folks, how do you attract talent, how do you keep them in your businesses.”

In order to stay ahead of the curve, making your customer a top priority is what makes most small businesses stand out. “Putting that customer first is so important for a small business. They like to see that you’re a part of the community, that your customer is put first and that you’re not just working to get the job done. You’re making the money but you’re doing it for the right reasons” Shannon O’Keefe, Creative Director for Abshire Public Relations said.

She believes once the public and community know its them you value, your business is sure to grow.

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