Active shooter training held at Martinez Elementary

Active shooter training held at Martinez Elementary
Active shooter training at Martinez Elementary (Source: WFXG, Sydni Moore)

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - An Active shooter training was held Wednesday at Martinez Elementary School. Three emergency agency’s came together to put their skills to the test.

In recent years we’ve seen active shooters in schools, churches and concerts across the country. And you never know when a tragedy may strike in our area. That’s why Columbia County emergency responders are making sure their ready if the time ever comes. The exercise consisted of first responders testing out their plans in a training exercise that was as realistic as a real life event.

“I hope it never happens but it’s good practice for them though.” Westmont Elementary School teacher, Kimberly Morrison believes this was an eye opener for students who participated. “We have intruder talks with our kids that are scripted by the county. It’s good for even kindergarteners to know what to do and to be good listeners, follow directions, and you know just to make them safe.”

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office primary goal is to find the shooter, which means moving past those who are injured. So they are implenting something new, fire rescue is now entering the building with law enforcement.

“They use to would sit outside until the building was completely cleared. Now a days what we are doing is training together. Their moving in with us to what’s called the warm zone. So the building may not be totally cleared but we got to get help in their sooner.” Major Sharif Chochol hopes that Columbia County residents will be proud that they are taking the necessary steps to keep the community safe.

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