Tree removal companies assist those affected by storm

Tree removal companies assist those affected by storm

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) -Strong winds and rain swept through North Augusta yesterday afternoon leaving parts of the city damaged. One specific neighborhood out of many that got hit is off of Fox Trail drive. Trees and branches were covered all along the street and on top of some houses.

Several tree companies were out in the neighborhood assisting residents and estimating the extent of the damages.

Jim Brinson with JB Tree Service talked about the severity most trees can cause. “If there’s a heavy tree on a roof, there’s probably structural damage. It’s not safe to stay in the house, nor would it be good for your nerves because it may cause worry and anxiety. Some of these trees that are hung up more than others can turn loose at any minute. If the house is in the way of that tree, then they don’t need to stay in that house.”

Brinson says the process of full recovery to clean up the trees will take some time, those with giant holes on their roofs can expect to move out from a month to six months for repairs and to be kept out of harm’s way.

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