Hiring Our Heroes holds career summit for servicemembers transitioning to civilian life

Hiring Our Heroes holds career summit for servicemembers transitioning to civilian life
Career Summit at Fort Gordon (Source: Sydni Moore)

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Military servicemembers serve our country relentlessly. And to help give back, Hiring our Heroes stopped in at Fort Gordon to host a career summit.

Military personnel move. A lot. And that can make it tough to build a professional network. On Thursday, military members had the chance to step face-to-face with career professionals to help figure out their career paths post-military.

“It’s giving us a head start to get a career before we get out,” says Unit Supply Specialist Davonte Bartley

Orderly Room Clerk Amorette Johnson says, “I think it’s a great program that they put on, to have like one-on-one speaking with the recruiters that come out to these programs."

With this being the 100th summit at Fort Gordon and a total of 5 years. Members of Hiring our Heroes wants continued success for military members and their spouses.

Marnie Holder is the Director of Career Summit. “Over these events, yes they are not all ready at the time of the event, but some of the successes that we’ve seen were at a 38% job offer rate at the time of the event and months following the event. They are starting conversations today, that will lead to their next career.”

With almost 80 companies present, many are determined to help provide resources to service members for future opportunities.

“We like to hire people for the long haul. We like to have drivers that can grow within the company, so if we can invest in veterans who probably put 4, 5, 6, 25 years into a company we would like for them to do the same for us,” Military Veteran Recruiting Manager Ryan Robida.

Many military members don’t always know what’s next, but events such as these helps put them in the right direction.

“It’s not just find that dream job apply for it and it’s secure, they do need to put themselves out there,” says Holder.

Putting themselves in positions to further advance their careers.

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