Commissions echo Mayor Davis’ security concerns

Commissions echo Mayor Davis’ security concerns
Representative from the Richmond County Marshal's Office addresses Commission (Source: Jasmine Anderson)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Mayor Hardie Davis’ discussion on safety is still going strong. Commissioners echo the importance of making sure Augusta-Richmond County government employees and people who live in the city safe.

The mayor says he wants a security assessment and survey of all government buildings from the Richmond County Marshal’s Office. Commissioners say they’re waiting for the Marshal to bring the results back in writing.

Commissioners Marion Williams’ proposed changes that would impact everyone who enters and exits government buildings. But they withdrew that substitute motion after the marshal’s office advised of nuances that couldn’t be discussed publicly. “We should have said, we should have made the motion, that the Marshal get whatever equipment he needs to screen everybody comes in. Now, the Mayor and myself, we use the side entrance. I use my key card to open the door. If that means changing it for the Mayor and myself to have to come through the front door, we have to do that.”

No changes were made, commissioners unanimously agreed to receive everything discussed as information. The Mayor says he’ll keep bringing up the issue until employees feel safe.

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