Full Tilt: SONY recording artist shares motivation behind his music

Full Tilt: SONY recording artist shares motivation behind his music
TILT and his 8-year-old daughter, Aliaya (Source: Courtesy: Timothy "Tilt" Ti)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Home grown SONY recording artist Timothy "TILT" Williams puts on for his city every chance he gets.

“We don’t get a lot of recognition. Some of the artists that did come out of Augusta don’t come back and show a lot of love. So, I have to do that because I’m from here and I try to keep it plain and simple and let people know where I’m from," explained TILT.

It’s where the music artist and father was raised and it’s where he’s raising his young daughter, Aliaya.

The 8 year old - who just got promoted to the 4th grade - is the motivation behind his music.

“She loves everything I do. It’s funny because her classmates, her teachers they know about me now. So when I visit the school, it’s a big deal," he said through a smile.

Even in his darkest hours, when it seemed selling mix-tapes wasn’t enough, his biggest fan base - his family - kept him in the fight.

“When a warrior fights, they get stabbed multiple times and they still stand and they fight and they keep fighting. And one thing about TILT is that he’s a warrior. Because no matter what someone says or what someone does to try to bring him down, he’s going to keep fighting and remain in a war," said his cousin Renico “Lilco da Paperman” Moore, who is also a recording artist and recording engineer.

Keeping his eyes on the prize, a performance in Atlanta this April catapulted him from independent artist to a major record label.

“Bow Wow was in there, Rocco, Jazze Pha, DJ MLK - T.I.'s DJ. They all liked it, they liked my music. That song, my single that I’m pushing out, money bandits. They heard the song and everybody jumped on it," he explained.

Now, TILT's songs have an international reach - and he says it's important for anyone working on a goal to stay faithful.

“Stay on your grinding, stay persistent. Stay up on your music. Surround yourself with humble people: people who are going to push you, who are going to support you, who are going to sponsor you. Don’t worry about what people are going to say, never give up,” he advised.

TILT said anyone can make it - just like in his case - sometimes, it only takes one song.

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