Full Tilt: Local musician lands record deal with Sony

Full Tilt: Local musician lands record deal with Sony
Timothy Williams aka TILT (Source: Christopher Oquendo, Jasmine Anderson)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Stars like James Brown, 2 members of Lady Antebellum, actor Hulk Hogan, and more all call Augusta home. A local rap artist just signed a major record deal and hopes to become a major artist in the industry.

The road to success is paved with ambition and grind; something Augusta-born musician Timothy Williams has known long before inking a deal with SONY. He goes by the stage name TILT. “The Illest Lyrical Talent”.

TILT jumped into entertaining a year after graduating from T.W. Josey High School in 2006. Following in the footsteps of family members who have broken into the music biz like his uncle 12-Gauge and gospel singer Brian Williams, lead singer of Sensere. “They showed me the way and showed me it takes hard work, dedication, never give up and I never gave up, I’m always persistent, I’ve got the drive.”

His cousin and fellow musician Renico “Lilco da paperman” Moore cosigns. “He always worked hard at what he did. He never let anything beat him; just from seeing his success from the last year and a half, he’s on his way.”

A former independent artist who just got off tour with Nelly, TILT says a decade of paid off in April during a performance at the Rose Bar in Atlanta. “Bow Wow was in there, Rocco, Jazzy Phae, DJ MLK (TI’s DJ). They all liked it, they liked my music. That song, my single that I’m pushing out, money bandits. They heard the song and everybody jumped on it.”

That show led to a meeting with Sony, where TILT signed a deal in Atlanta May 1. Next,TILT goes on tour at the end of June. He’ll perform in front of 100,000 and people at the Fireflies Festival. And that’s just the beginning.

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