Future of the James Brown Arena

Future of the James Brown Arena


What should be done with the James Brown Arena? It is a question that has been up in the air since the last Georgia primary. Now over a year later there is still no decision made. Richmond County Commissioners say they are waiting on the Colosseum Authority to give a recommendation that is in the best interest of Augusta’ citizens. Mayor Hardie Davis said he is choosing not to comment on the issue.

FOX 54 spoke with Richmond County Commissioner Bill Fennoy who is over the downtown district where the James Brown Arena currently sits. He says the facility is outdated and needs to be updated or torn down and rebuilt. Commissioner Fennoy says he would like to see it rebuilt at a different downtown location where there can be an ample amount of parking that is closer to the new developments in North Augusta.

One of the proposed locations was the old Regency Mall in South Augusta. Fennoy said the big problem with that location is Augusta does not own the property. He is not fond of the option to tare down and rebuild at the same spot either.

“If we decide to tare it down and build it back it will take six to nine months to tare it down and a couple of years to rebuild it. So what will happen to entertainment in Augusta over the next three years if we decide to use the existing location?," said Commissioner Fennoy. He also said this would not be a concern with building the arena in a different downtown spot because events could continue at the current J-B Arena while the other one is being built.

The commissioner told FOX 54 that as of right now there is no estimated time frame to hear from the Colosseum Authority, but he said he would like to hear an update and that he will see about putting it on the commission’s agenda soon.

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