COURT TV now available on WFXG 54.4

COURT TV now available on WFXG 54.4

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - WFXG is proud to announce that we are bringing COURT TV to the CSRA. Our new offering is a revival of the popular channel, bringing an emphasis to courtroom proceedings and reporting.

If you have antenna television, you need to go into your TV’s menu, select channels and scan for new channels.

Lockwood Broadcasting has reached a global agreement with Katz Broadcasting to distribute their exciting new Diginet COURT TV across many of our stations in May.

Stations WKNX, WFXG, WPGX and WDFX will be part of the national launch of COURT TV.

We have a very long partnership with KATZ and have been the exclusive broadcast partner for the launch of many of their channels including GRIT, LAFF, ESCAPE and BOUNCE in several Lockwood markets. COURT TV promises to be one of their very best networks and we are fortunate to be part of it. Our long history with KATZ played an important role in this launch.

These are pass through networks for our host stations in each of your markets. Having these quality program streams will enable us to continue to build both revenue and value at our stations while creating diverse over the air viewing opportunities.

We continue to capitalize on our relationships within the industry to grow Lockwood stations in each of our markets.

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