Local small business, customers feel impact of tariffs imposed by Trump Administration

Local small business, customers feel impact of tariffs imposed by Trump Administration
Small business owners and their customers say they feel the effects of tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration in their wallets. (Source: Jasmine Anderson)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Gavin Sanford and his fiance own Bourda Green International Market on Lumpkin Road. They’ve been in business here for 9 months.

“It’s very difficult being a small business owner because you have to compete with the big stores like Walmart, Kroger," Sanford said.

Some people who shop at businesses like Walmart believe they already feel the impact of the Trump Administration’s tariffs.

“Prices are cheaper at other stores and they don’t fluctuate as much as Walmart’s prices do," said Khalifia Tremble, a shopper.

The Trump Administration recently imposed a 25 percent tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. China’s finance ministry fired back by placing a tariff on $60 billion worth of goods from the U.S. that starts this summer.

That’s on top of existing tariffs already imposed last year. That impacts thousands of goods,including things sold at this store like meat, shampoo and more that he gets from more than 10 distributors.

Sanford explained, “The consumer automatically blames you for the price increase not knowing it’s totally out of my control.”

It’s something the store has noticed over the past four months.

“We would get a certain product and it might have been at a certain price and due to the increase, we had to go ahead and increase ours, as well,” said Rosa Lee, Bourda Green International Market owner.

That’s something President Trump says puts U.S. producers in a better position compared to Chinese ones. Shoppers believe the bottom line is that prices are going up.

“If it’s something that I can’t get at that moment, then I plan ahead and save until I’m able to get it,” said Eli Lowe, a shopper.

Many economists say the trade war will worsen before it gets better.

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