Project Freedom Ride saves almost 30 more dogs

Project Freedom Ride saves almost 30 more dogs
Dogs with Project Freedom Ride

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Twenty-eight dogs are headed up north from Augusta Animal Services to find their forever homes, thanks to Project Freedom Ride. The non-profit organization works to get dogs to areas where adoption rates are high in order to save their lives.

PFR has been working with Augusta Animal Services for months. This is their fourth transport with the shelter.

Organizer Jennifer McConn says their main goal is to help the shelter get more exposure so more people will come adopt pets. “The goal is to maybe make this a weekly event. Less dogs, more frequently; so it becomes part of the routine and it’s not so foreign.”

As it stands, the shelter takes in so many animals, that they are unable to adopt them all quick enough. Transporting the animals is the alternative to euthanasia. The pups are headed to animal rescues in New York and New Hampshire.

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