Locals respond to CDC warning to stop washing chicken

Locals respond to CDC warning to stop washing chicken


Those who have the long standing habit of washing your chicken before cooking may want to re-think the process.

CDC recently released a tweet saying, “Don’t wash your raw chicken. Washing can spread germs from the chicken to other food or utensils in the kitchen.” FOX 54 went to the streets to get peoples reaction to the news.

“That’s nasty like what’s your purpose of not doing that. Its unhealthy," said Tatiyana Woods.

“I was raised up like everything needs to be clean . . counters, meat, everything. I was really shocked about why they would say you shouldn’t clean your chicken because definitely it should be clean,” said Phyllis Gardner.

“I wash everything from chicken to steaks any kind of meats I have -- fish even. I just think you should rinse it off. I use salt when I’m cleaning my poultry," said Markeith Waldburg.

To wash or to not wash chicken has been a debate for a long time. Doctors Hospital Dietitian Lizzie Keen says not washing chicken is the best way to combat cross contamination.

“Chicken does have bacteria on it when its raw and when you’re washing it you might transfer that bacteria to your sink, on your hands, and your clothes, counter tops, and utensils that are near by so we want to avoid that cross contamination,“ explained Dietitian Keen.

And even after this knowledge old habits do not die easy.

“I’ve been healthy so far the way I’ve been doing it so I’m not going to change,'" said Waldburg.

“I do eat a lot of chicken and fish – so I do wash all of my meats and I will continue to always wash my meats," said Gardner.

A common misconception is that bacteria will still be there if the chicken is not washed.

“Its very comforting to know that the heat is going to kill that bacteria so don’t worry about washing it before hand. Just cook it to the correct temperature – and you want your chicken to be at an internal temperature of 165 degrees minimum," explained Dietitan Keen.

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