Bingo brings people together on Mother’s Day Weekend

Bingo brings people together on Mother’s Day Weekend

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - At this flea market, you can find anything from shirts to Shea butter. Each week, this group meets for a little fellowship and fun.

Beverly Sharpe - a mother, grandmother and veteran - is being treated at Charlie Norwood facility for PTSD.

“I’ve met a lot of people here since I’ve been here and bingo is one of my favorites, so I really enjoy coming here because it’s people my age here and then it keeps me from my addiction,” Sharpe told FOX 54.

Bill Powell and his wife of 44 years, Vickie Cooler, come every week. Vickie calls Sharon mom.

“I miss my mama, but I got a great mom now. It’s the lady who calls bingo. I call her my mom and she’s very, very influential to me,” said Vickie Cooler.

So this mother’s day, they are thankful for the friendships that grow from friendly competition.

“Here, you can just feel free to do whatever you like, within reason. I’ve met a lot of nice people," said Sharon Shoemaker, who has called bingo for several years.

They’re someone’s parent, someone’s grandparent and someone’s child.

“Your mother birthed you, so you owe her a lot. She deserves the thanks and all the blessings you can give her," said Bill Powell, who plays bingo here at least twice a week.

It's a role that comes with rewards and it's challenges.

Vickie said she suffers from Alzheimer’s, and instead of gifts, she has one wish.

“If my daughter is listening, please call me, baby. Or come by to see me. I have Alzheimer’s now and I just hope and pray I can see you before I don’t remember you. I love you so much," said an emotional Cooler."

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