Dam repairs cause low water levels in Savannah River

Dam repairs cause low water levels in Savannah River

(WFXG) - If you visit or live near the Savannah River in Evans, you may have noticed the fluctuating water levels. The levels will continue to be inconsistent for at least a couple months as Dominion Energy works on the flash boards at the Stevens Creek Dam.

Tonya Bonitatibus, Savannah Riverkeeper, says some residents will be able to see the difference more than others. “The guys that are really seeing it are beneath the dam to about the canal diversion dam, which is Savannah Rapids Pavilion,” Bonitatibus said.

Dominion Energy has been working on the flash boards since November, but the rain has hindered their progress. “We began the work in November 2018, however the increase in rain during the fall and winter has delayed our progress,” said a spokesperson for Dominion Energy.

“This is one of the older dams in the area and the flash boards have just kind of gone to the wayside,” Bonitatibus said.

The Stevens Creek Dam, it’s job is usually is to take what the Corps puts out at the Clarks Hill Dam and make it flow slowly so it evens out. But since the flashboards are folded, the dam is not holding much water which is why the levels are going up and down.

“It’s not really going to get better until Stevens Creek is up and running again,” Bonitatibus said.

While the flahsboards are being fixed, it's important to prioritize your safety if you are going in the water.

“Something that everybody needs to keep in mind please is that if you are using any boat ramp when it involves the river or the lake always load your boat or unload your boat with your windows down that way if you do end up under water you can still make it out alive,” Bonitatibus explained.

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