Water boil advisory for parts of South Carolina

Water boil advisory for parts of South Carolina

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - A water boil advisory has been issued for parts of Aiken County after a water main break on May 9, according to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Customers of the Valley Public Service Authority Water System are told to vigorously boil water for at least one minute before drinking or cooking with it, until further notice.

The following areas fall under the advisory:

  • Augusta Road - from Old Cherokee Rd. to Atomic Rd.
  • Storm Branch Road – from Old Cherokee Rd. to Augusta Rd.
  • Garrett Road
  • Old Aiken Road
  • Tea Pot Road
  • Amen Loop
  • Hilltop Court
  • Atomic Road

According to SC DHEC, there has not been a confirmed contamination of the system. However, there is still a potential contamination. Any customers who have experienced an interruption of their service or low water pressure should follow the boil advisory, until told otherwise. Keep in mind that ice cubes made from water that has not been boiled might not be safe to consume.

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