Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan speaks at Post-Legislative Breakfast

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan speaks at Post-Legislative Breakfast

AUGUSTA (WFXG) - Today Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan was in the area to speak at the Post-Legislative breakfast. He spoke about a wide range of state topics and issues.

Lt. Governor Duncan reiterated his efforts with health care because it was a central part of his campaign. He says he worked hard to deliver on those promises in the Patient’s First Act and Telemedicine Reform. Also on the list of topics was the push to begin screening students for dyslexia, teacher pay raises for the state of Georgia, and prioritizing computer science courses in all high schools. The Lt. Governor Duncan believes computer science courses are needed for Georgia because every business is becoming a technology company whether it’s a worldwide airline utilizing advanced logistics or a bicycle repair shop analyzing social media trends.

FOX 54 asked Lt. Governor Duncan about his thoughts on the state issue of voting systems for the state of Georgia.

“There was different ideas about how we move forward. One idea was to just stick with paper ballots and I don’t believe it was the right way to go forward based on us being in the 21st-century. Also, that put an unfunded burden on locals and will basically say ‘you now have to go find the people to operate those machines’. I believe that the legislator and the Secretary of State has move forward with a good plan and they’re going to go out and find the right system to put us in the 21st-century,” says Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan.

After the event the governor took time to answer questions from community members and also made several other stops in the area before heading out.

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