North Augusta City Council approves rezoning of Riverside Village

North Augusta Council approves Riverside Village rezoning

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Immediately after swearing in 2 new Council Members, the council got down to business. They had the first 2 readings of an ordinance that will rezone part of Riverside Village, if passed.

A unanimous vote for both readings of the Riverside Village Rezoning proposal.

Libby Hodges, Director of Planning and Development says, “We’re trying to give a level playing field to help the property develop to it’s best potential.”

If approved, just over 9.5 acres in Riverside Village will be rezoned from Planned Development, or “PD”, to Downtown, or "D". Plans show apartment buildings, town homes and condos in addition to an office building and a new stadium parking deck.

In a room full of residents, not one comment or concern was raised. As of now, all of the land proposed for reuse is undeveloped. The planning commission’s staff report says the rezoning will give the developer the ability to respond to the changing market in the area, and also add to the city’s goal of extending downtown into the area.

The council will have one final reading of the ordinance before it’s final approval.

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