Local Star Wars pub crawl

Local Star Wars pub crawl

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - May the force be with you if you are heading to downtown Augusta Saturday night.

The streets will be filled with people dressed in Star Wars themed outfits.

The CEO of Mastercon, James Culpepper brought the event to the area as the first unofficial Augusta Star Wars cantina pub crawl.

Over three months he worked to have 13 local bars get in on the action of serving Star Wars themed drinks as well as dressing in costumes.

“I love the energy that people bring to their costumes. Smiles on people’s faces. That’s all I ever want to do for the city of Augusta is bring something more than just golf.” said James Culpepper.

He says the event is the first step to bringing a multi-media comic convention to Augusta in 2021.

Culpepper hopes to make this an annual event.

The Star Wars cantina pub crawl starts at Joe’s Underground and ends at The Scene were there are light saber prizes at the end for a few lucky people

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