Relay for Life of Aiken County kicks off Friday

Relay for Life of Aiken County kicks off Friday

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Cancer impacts every person in one way or another. Non-profits and charities raise money every day toward finding a cure for the disease. Over at USC Aiken, the annual relay for life event is going on right now.

This is all part of Aiken’s relay for life. It’s all about raising money for cancer research and ultimately finding a cure. Event organizers and teams have been working tirelessly since October. They’ve held many smaller fundraisers all to lead up to this event tonight.

Shawn Foster, a cancer surviver since December 2018, says, “To know that people are not only putting the funds but also the action behind finding what causes it, finding how to cure it, but also finding treatments that are not as tough for the cancer patient, it’s encouraging.”

“If I can offer a little hope, a reprieve in a 4-5 hour event to make their life a little better, to talk about the research, to know they’re not alone, to be surrounded by these people with a common goal of defeating cancer, then I’ve done my work,” says Brent Hoover, who leads the event.

Together, the community has raised over $40,000 for cancer research through this event.

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